Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Silverware picture holder

Those stray pieces of vintage silver plate have now found a purpose!  So charming and useful.  You can use them tarnished or polished.  Follow these simple steps:
You will need, heavy pliers and vintage silver or silver plate forks.
Begin by bending the outside tong back to a right angle.

Then bend the other outside tong back to a right angle.
 Next, bend the center tongs forward one at a time to a right angle.

Turn the tip   of the tongs up on both the back and front tongs.
Adjust the angels so that the fork now stands up level and will hold a frame.
There you go, a charming vintage fork picture holder!

7 comments: said...

That is so cool I love it!

Melissa said...

Hmm. I've had something like that in mind for awhile. Your efforts turned out really cute.

Ellen said...

I love these! Have to see if I can find some silver to work with!

Kelley said...

Genius.... I love repurposing things. Great idea.

Patti said...

I have tried this numerous times without success...did you heat the silver in hot water? Are you SUPER strong? I just can't seem to do this and I would like to make one to hold a holiday menu

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

this is so cute! I love it. Too bad I just bought a picture holder about a month ago. Next time I think I'll try this.

Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday!

Amy Meyer said...

That is a fabulous idea! I have only seen people use forks for recipe card holders, never pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Would love it if you entered my giveaway!